About this blog

This blog attempts to be a collection of how-to examples in the Microsoft software stack - things that may take forever to find out, especially for the beginner. I see it as my way to return something to the Microsoft community in exchange for what I learned from it. I continue the journey here that I started on DotNetByExample on Blogger. All content has been migrated to this new blog.

About me

  • Joost van Schaik, pronounced like this.
  • Senior Lead Unity Developer.
  • Windows Development MVP & Windows Insider MVP.
  • Mixed Reality, HoloLens (2), Unity, C#, Xamarin, .NET.
  • Rogue R&D hacker.
  • Gardener, Lover of Nature, Amateur philosopher.
  • Twitter High Volume Achievement Unlocked.
  • Most likely place to find me: in front of a keyboard.
  • Most likely place for me to die: in front of a keyboard.

A.k.a. LocalJoost.

About getting support

  • Yes, I am more than willing to answer your questions
  • Yes, I always read all comments and respond to them if they make sense
  • Yes, I am always willing to help you out if you are stuck


  • I am not clairvoyant
  • I won’t write the complete app for your assignment due in three days ;)
  • I cannot deduce from a few lines of code or short description how your 1000+ lines project looks like, what you try to do and where things go wrong.
  • I am just a simple developer like you who needs to look at code, GoogleBing stuff and use the debugger
  • I am just a regular guy with a job and my time is limited so it won’t be always today. Sometimes not even tomorrow.
  • English is not my first language either

Yet, if something does not work and you really need help and you do this:

  • Make a simple solution that shows your problem with as little other stuff in it as possible
  • Put it on a OneDrive or some other place where I can download it from
  • Explain as clearly as possible what your problem is

I will help you to the best of my abilities. Deal?

Although I take great care in providing quality samples, all postings, articles and/or files on this site are provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confer no rights. The views expressed on this blog are strictly my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer, or anyone else on the planet for that matter.

I usually make original content, sometimes building upon other people’s work. Sometimes I explain things that can be found elsewhere because I felt what I read was not clear enough for my limited mind so I explain it the way it finally clicked with me. In all cases I take great pains to be sure to link to people or articles who deserve the credit. If you think I have shortchanged you on the credits please let me know.

Please note, I do not work for Microsoft and while I proudly wear the title of “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional”, my opinions, files offered, etc. do not represent, are approved of, endorsed by or paid for by Microsoft. The only power behind it is me and my sometimes runaway passion for parts of Microsoft’s technology.