Calling a service relative to the Silverlight XAP (improved)

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In my previous post I showed a way to call a service defined with a full path, as created by the designer, relative to that of the location of your XAP, by means of an extension to a user control. I developed that during a training and while blogging it I alreadly realized that there was room for improvement. And here it is:
using System;
using System.ServiceModel;
using System.ServiceModel.Description;
using System.Windows;

namespace LocalJoost.Utilities.Silverlight
  public static class ServiceEndpointExtension
    public static void MakeRelative(
      this ServiceEndpoint endpoint)
      var clientbinLocation = 
      var rootLocation = 
      endpoint.Address = new EndpointAddress(
        new Uri(string.Concat(rootLocation, 
In stead of extending the user control I now extend the ServiceEndpoint. If you now want to call a service that is sitting in the root of your web application that is hosting you can call it like this:
var client = new CloudMapperDataServiceClient();
Substitute "CloudMapperDataServiceClient" by your own client proxy class and you are go for launch (Sorry, currently listening to ;-)