Release of WpWinNl 3.0.2 alpha with UWP support - and map data binding

1 minute read

I just released my open source library WpWinNl to 3.0.2-alpha (that is, pre-release) to NuGet. WpWinNl now supports Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1 and the new Universal Windows Platform. All the basic libraries are updated to the latest version.
The library builds three NuGet packages, which can be found on NuGet as of now:
  1. WpWinNlBasic, which contains everything except the stuff that hangs on MVVMLight
  2. WpWinNl, builds on top of WpWinNlBasic and MVVMLight (and has dependencies on both)
  3. WpWinNlMaps, that builds on top of WpWinNlBasic. This is code that allows you to bind data to maps utilizing a special behavior
For Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 basically nothing changes. With respect to UWP, the following changes have been made:
  1. The behaviors are built on top of the new UWP Behaviors NuGet Package
  2. WpWinNlMaps has a slightly expanded API to support the new features by the new maps control, as well align more with the x:Bind scenario
There is a sample application for WpWinNlMaps in GitHub that I will explain more in detail in a follow-up post. Make sure that if you have a look at the code, take the UWP branch.
A few words of warning:
  • Apart from WpWinNlMaps, this has not yet been extensively tested, hence the pre-release designation.
  • No attempt has been made to share code between UWP and the earlier incarnations of these packages. Effectively I have ceased working on wp8/wp81/win81 code, as of now only the UWP code will move forward and at one point in time these packages will stop supporting them at all.
  • Parts of this library, especially the behaviors, may be removed entirely and end up in the Microsoft Behaviors NuGet package.
However, for the time being, I think especially the map binding is pretty important, so is was time to release it. Any feedback is welcome.