A generic convertor for IEnumerable

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Apart from ForEach<T>, as I described in my previous post, I noticed the absence of ConvertAll<T> on everything but List<T> as well. Pretty annoying when I wanted to convert a list of business objects of So I extended my static class GenericUtilities with another extension methdo

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;

namespace LocalJoost.Utilities
  public static class GenericExtensions
    // previous code for ForEach omitted.

    public static IEnumerable<TC> ConvertAll<T, TC>(
      this IEnumerable<T> inputList, 
      Converter<T, TC> convert)
        foreach( var t in inputList )
            yield return convert(t);
This permitted me to do something like this:
return ListRubriek.Get()
  .ConvertAll(p => new CascadingDropDownNameValue(
        p.Omschrijving, p.Id.ToString()))
to easily convert a list of CSLA business objects into a list that could be used in an ASP.NET Ajax Cascading dropdown. Nothing special for the veteran functional programmer I guess but still, useful.

This is actually the 2nd version - thanks to Jarno Peschier for some constructive criticism