One ForEach to rule them all

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I ran into this when I was investigating functional programming in C#. That’s been around for a while, but apart from using it for traversing or modifying collections or lists, I never actually created something that was making use of a function parameter.

Anyway, one of my most used constructs is the ForEach<T> method of List<T>. I always thought it to be quite annoying that it is only available for List<T>. Not for IList<T>, ICollection<T>, or whatever. Using my trademark solution pattern – the extension method ;-)
I tried the following:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;

namespace LocalJoost.Utilities
  public static class GenericExtensions
    public static void ForEach<T>(this IEnumerable<T> t, Action<T> action)
      foreach (var item in t)

And that turned out to be all. IList<T>, ICollection<T>, everything that implements IEnumerable<T> – now sports a ForEach method. It even works for arrays, so if you have something like this

string[] arr = {"Hello", "World", "how", "about", "this"};
It nicely prints out


I guess it's a start. Maybe it is of some use to someone, as I plod on ;-)